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We rely on our industry experience, trend expertise and technical supremacy in delivering superior client’s satisfaction at effective and affordable web solutions.

Focus on Core Business

We give you the opportunity to manage the time, finances and internal concerns of your business without having to worry about the equally important duties delivered by our fast, dedicated and organized personnel.

Access to Better Technology

Superb services await you as we only uses the most advanced tools in creating and developing your website.


Who we are

Web Outsourcing Gateway Inc. (WOG Inc.) centers on building creative, inventive, and productive solutions for businesses' information technology challenges and problems. With Web Outsourcing Gateway, companies are opened to opportunities where they can reduce their costs, save time, access a pool of sustainable and world-class human resources not readily available in their company, focus on the core of their business, and make capital funds available.

At WOG Inc., we commit ourselves to an exceptional customer satisfaction matched with utmost professionalism, accountability, and transparency in our services.

Company Profile

Web Outsourcing Gateway Inc. known for its specialization in the fields of multimedia, design, and information technology serves local and international clients by producing compelling interactive design and contents, and innovative multimedia applications through our main office in Tokyo, Japan and presence in Pasig City, Philippines.

WOG Inc. established to provide affordable and high quality web services. Powered by a large company with a network of overseas subsidiaries up and running in Japan and the Philippines, WOG Inc. is competently supported by the experiences we have gained throughout the years. We are confident in the efficiency of our human resources and positive in the excellence of our services.


We value the reputation we have built and our client relationships. We stand above our competitors with our mission to become our clients' partners in their success through our platforms in creating innovative and professional solutions at an affordable cost.

Outsourcing Solutions

Running a business requires skill and technology in many different operations. However, not all companies can have the access to the latest technologies and sometimes, investing on human resources is too expensive. With the outsourcing solution of Web Outsourcing Gateway, you can focus on the strategic management of your business and save time, money and effort on human resources, as we take care on your website and mobile content problems at the rates you can afford.

At WOG Inc., we commit ourselves to an exceptional customer satisfaction matched with utmost professionalism, accountability, and transparency in our services.

Client-Focused Approach

At Web Outsourcing Gateway, our focus geared towards providing the excellent yet low-cost services to our clients. We strive to become more than just result-providers; instead, we delve into the real issues of our clients, go into every minute detail, ask questions, share ideas and concepts with our clients, and work hand-in-hand to resolve their professional challenges. This approach poses benefits to both parties that grant us the opportunity to extend our working relationship into a long-term business partnership. Our client-focused approach is an asset that has nurtured our reputation for the past years.

Website Warranty

Web Outsourcing Gateway believes that the clients truly deserve a high quality service. For this reason, we offer warranties to our clients. Our website warranty service includes the technical support that our clients can expect once they encountered problems after launching website in the World Wide Web.

Quality Consistency

We are undeterred in our mission to provide the best web outsourcing services at an affordable rate. These characteristics stretch in our service and performance, employing a transparent and efficient workflow system to ensure that you will receive consistent excellent results. We understand the significance of meeting the clients' standards, and Web Outsourcing Gateway does this every time, even going beyond your expectations. Our constant commitment to provide you with empowered solutions and total satisfaction is one of our strongest arms that drive clients to our business all the time.

Language Skills

It is a fact that the market has gone global. Business opportunities thrive beyond the confines of one's country, establishing the need for companies that are more than able to adapt and succeed in the highly competitive global market. At Web Outsourcing Gateway, our highly qualified work force’s proficiency in English and Filipino is just one facet of our business's competitive language capabilities. We are also able to provide solutions in other major languages of the market such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean, which provides our clients the extra edge needed to advance in the cutthroat global market.


In order to succeed in today's market, it is necessary to realize the boundless opportunities and advancements that you can have in a website and its capability of SEO. Web Outsourcing Gateway provides an invaluable perk: the effective utilization of SEO minus the costly rates. Our knowledge transcends the boundaries of the World Wide Web, with our ability to tap into the potential of SEO in mobile technology.

Superior Performance is our guarantee

Backed by solid industry experience, a workforce of professionals and a comprehensive list of expertise, working with us earn you high quality Japan service and at-cut down costs and the opportunity to advance to the global market.

Our Services

Providing services that suits your needs.

State of the art interactive development.

Our expertise and capability in information technology grant us the opportunity to provide a number of web services for a scope of business units looking for a strategic all-around web service company in the global arena.

At Web Outsourcing Gateway, all the solutions that you need for your website are already here. From web design to web development, to SEO to web maintenance, multilingual website to mobile web development to product identity and branding, we are well capable of delivering only the best outsourcing solutions for the most in demand web projects that meet and exceed clients' expectations at the price you can afford.



Our Processes

Web Outsourcing Gateway follows a strategic and creative Web Management that leads your business to success.

Initial Contact

As you fill out our inquiry form, we will contact you for the first phase that will begin with a thorough research about the project. Guided by our hands-on personnel we will prepare estimated quotation based on the requirements you have provided.

Requirement Gathering & Agreement

Here comes the extensive requirement gathering where in a detailed project scope will be release by the client. After that, there will be clarifications about the researched project scope based on the client’s requirements. The team will then prepare a proposal with costing for client’s approval.

Development and Deployment

In line with the process of development, we will assign a team that has a dedicated project manager based on the specific needs of the client. Prototype developments made continuously followed by functionality development and testing. Client will then approve the functionality and quality of the whole site before the deployment or migration begins.


As the website go live, transition to maintenance will follow according to what the client and the company agreed upon signing of contract.

Bringing your business website to
a whole new level as
we help your brand break through
the mobile industry and the global market.

Featured Works

Creative, Inventive and Innovative solutions for our valued clients.

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Multilingual Website

Take your business onto a bigger playing field by expanding your market reach to the rest of the world with our
ability to develop multilingual websites that effectively carries your brand wherever your clients are.


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Innovating together

Together we can create your website that represents you and your business. Together we can develop valuable I.T.
solutions based on your consumers’ preferences. By working collectively, we can deliver an innovative
result that gives prestige and success to your company.

Case Studies

Our web outsourcing solutions cater to a number of companies ranging from small-scale
organizations to multinational business enterprises. Take a glimpse into these web solutions
we have provided our clients in the past and look into the quality of our services.


Commonly-asked Questions

How do I get started with Web Outsourcing Gateway?

To begin, all you have to do is fill out our Request Quote form and wait for our call or email within one to two working days.

Why can't I find my website in the search engines?

Web Outsourcing Gateway also provides Search Engine Optimization services. If your website is relatively new, it may take some time before you see it ranking high in search engine results and directories. To know more about Search Engine Optimization, visit our Search Engine Optimization page.

Project Management Related FAQs

How do I communicate with you regarding my project?

We can make use of messengers, e-mails, and phone calls for real time conversations.

How will I know the progress of the project?

Our project manager will coordinate and communicate with you regularly to provide you the updates such as screenshots, temporary links, etc. during project development.

What if I want to add new features to the site in the middle of our project?

As practiced, we work based on the project requirements you have provided us. You can add new features to your website after we complete your initial project with us, which will have separate bill from your previous project.

How do I make sure that the business concepts, information, and documents that I send will be kept private?

We ensure that every file, data, document, and information you provide us in accomplishing your project is confidential. Parties involved in a project are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to safeguard and protect your file, data, document, and information.

If I am not satisfied with the work, can I change my designer/programmer?

We strive to meet your demand and work requirements and this generally never happens. However, if you believe that your designer/programmer is not functioning according to your preferences, we will arrange for his/her replacement.

Design and Development Related FAQs

How long does it take to have a website designed?

The time required to complete a project varies, depending on the scale of the website size, complexity of design, programming requirements and our current schedule of other projects in hand. We will provide you with a time estimate along with the project quote.

Is web design and web development just the same?

No. With web design, these are only static pages while in web development; the techniques made in web design are interactive or functional.

Why do you ask for such a detailed project requirements?

In building a website, the details matter. Informing us of every feature you wish to see in your website will enable us to provide you with a more accurate cost and more coherent web development plan.

How do I update my website?

We offer a web maintenance service that can be included in your package. When you avail of this service, we will manage any form of site updates that must be performed on your behalf. The fee for this service depends on the scale of your needs and requirements.

In addition, we can also provide you with an online content management system for an additional cost where you can update individual pages and sections of your website whenever you want.

How many design prototypes do we get?

We provide a maximum of three design prototypes based on your requirements, instructions, and reference websites.

How do I receive the finished project?

Since our services are web-based, we communicate and transfer files through the Internet. Assuming that you hired our services for a web development project, we will put the website in our test server while the project is still on-going and once we complete the project, we will transfer the work to your server.

Who owns the copyright for the product and sources after completion of a project?

All rights belong to our clients.

Payment Related FAQs

How much does a website cost?

Each website project is quoted based on the information provided by the clients. Before we give you a price quote and time estimate, we first need to analyse your project requirements. For a more specific price quote, please visit the Request a Quote page.

What methods of payment to you prefer?

We prefer to accept payments through PayPal and bank deposits.

I want you to design my website. Now what do I do?

To start the process, please fill out our Request a Quote Form.

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