This case study enumerates our ability to employ numerous methods and strategies in handling large-scale website projects.

Client Profile

Company B is an established university with an estimated student population of 8,000. Company B grew from having two academic course offerings into a university that now offers multiple academic courses over the course of twenty years. They are reputed as one of the best academic institutions in their region.


With a population of 8,000 students and still growing, Company B presented us with the challenge of producing a compelling university website that would carry their image as a top academic institution in their region.

Their primary goal is to get information out about their image, academic offerings, and edge among other universities and present themselves as a world-class university. With this, they want to capitalize on articles and other contents to attract site visitors.

They wanted an interactive website that would have everything that would be needed by their student body and even student applicants. Company B was specific in requesting a content management system that would allow them to update contents in every page sections yet still manageable and functional.


Web Outsourcing Gateway capitalized on Company B’s core image as basis for the look and feel of their website. We focused on creating a professional website that exuded the qualities of a truly academic institution without being too straightforward and uninteresting.

They wanted a lot of information, announcements, and articles included in their website so we provided numerous pages that were also further collapsed into subcategories. To add a more interactive experience for the students, we provided them a system here they can also create their own user accounts which can be used in the forum board of the website.

With the numerous contents in the website, a search option was added for ease of use. Flash animations were also conspicuously and smartly utilized across the website for Company B’s announcements and information campaigns without overpowering the relevant contents.


Since the website launched in 2008, Company B experienced a 120% increase in student applicants via their website in the following the academic year. It was observed that the website became an effective information dissemination medium among the students with user activity in the website forum pegged at a high percentage.