This case study details our capability to deliver effective client-specific solutions for small-scale businesses.

Client Profile

Company A is a family-run restaurant that specializes in vegetarian dishes. They are based in the United States that began its operations in early 2009. The company’s primary target markets are vegetarians and health nuts.


With only a handful of employees apart from the family running the business, they barely had time to perform marketing tasks that would allow them to extensively promote their business locally.

They contacted Web Outsourcing Gateway with this dilemma at hand and expressed their desire for a website that would not only promote their restaurant locally and in the web, but also encourage and lure visitors to their restaurant from other states.

They specifically wanted a professional but aesthetically-creative website that would effectively represent their company and maxim on healthy eating and nutrition in the web. They also required a website that was interactive and functional at the same time.


Keeping in mind the client’s need for a simple and easy-to-use website, we provided them with a static HTML site which they can manage on their own.

The overall concept of the website leveraged the company’s earth tone color palette, slogan, selling point, etc. The website featured the client’s food handling system, which is one of their strengths. Flash were also strongly utilized in the website to depict their “fresh from our garden to your plate” system in food preparation, one thing that the client wanted in the website.

As they also wanted to generate sales and penetrate markets in other states, informative texts and articles were also included to showcase their premium service. To encourage site interaction, easy navigation was employed for the site visitors’ benefit as well as feedback forms.


Within the first month of the website’s launch, Company A saw a tremendous increase in their site traffic and website inquiries. In addition to this, they also posed a 20% increase in their restaurant income within three months since the website was launched.