This case study proves Web Outsourcing Gateway to provide solutions that can adapt and adjust according to the requirements of our clients.

Client Profile

Based in the United Kingdom, Company D is a retailer of party supplies for every occasion. They have been in the industry for five years, specifically serving clients in the United States and United Kingdom.


From serving clients in the United States and United Kingdom alone for the past five years, Company D wanted to go full-blast in their business and bring their business to other parts of the globe.

With the initial goal of penetrating Asia, Company D approached Web Outsourcing Gateway and detailed how they would want to redesign their existing E-Commerce website into a more globally-appealing online store that would also attract even potential non-English speaking clientele.


Extensively studying Company D’s existing E-Commerce website, we first offered to improve the design of their logo and realign other branding images so we could easily integrate these to what will be their new website.

From then on, we reorganized the content and pages of the website for a less messy appearance, encouraging site visitors to really look into their website and potentially purchase one of their products as well as to keep spammers away from their website. We also made their product and category pages search engine-friendly, to boost their site traffic.

We provided them with an interactive checkout page and added product search options to improve the experience of their clients in browsing the website. To answer their need to be more globally-recognized, we incorporated a more professional layout look in their website and also made it available in other languages to cater so as to their non-English speaking clientele.

As we reviewed their existing content management system, we offered them two maintenance options. One option is to create a control panel for them where they control their website updates while the second option puts us as the ones responsible in managing and maintaining their website through a content management system. Company D opted for the latter, letting us perform their website updates.


Company D's sales via their website posed a significant 20% increase. They also managed to reduce their maintenance cost to half by letting us maintain and update their website on their behalf. Their presence in Asia posed a continuous improvement in terms of site traffic and product sales. Their brand also raked in traffic and sales from other countries apart from their target markets.